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Appalachia - Science in the Public Interest

Working for Healthy Land and Sustainable Communities in Kentucky & Central Appalachia

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Organizational Mission

ASPI is a non-profit resource center advocating for sustainable development,responsible resource management, and informed personal choices.  We use science and technology to benefit current and future generations and the environment by promoting innovative ideas and appropriate technologies. We accomplish this through education, advocacy, research, consulting, anddemonstration projects.

Year Founded - 1977

Significant Accomplishments

  • Helped pass the state’s net metering law in 2004 and improvements to the law in 2008.
  • Installed the first net-metered solar electric system in Kentucky in 2003. -
  • Have operated demonstration centers for renewable energy and sustainable living for over 30 years.
  • Published The Kentucky Solar Energy Guide in 2004.
  • Helped establish state tax credits for solar energy technologies in 2008
  • Have partnered with many organizations within and beyond Kentucky on efforts to advance renewable energy and sustainability.

"ASPI and the Kentucky Solar Partnership are a part of KySEA because we believe a strong and diverse coalition of citizens groups is needed to lead Kentucky’s transition to a sustainable energy economy."

Calendar of Events

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Clean energy stories
Energy Efficiency Job Training Energy Efficiency Job Training

Millard Area Technology Center in Pikeville, Kentucky has begun training energy auditors who will work to increase area homes’ energy efficiency. Millard’s 40-hour certification track equips students with the ability to perform blower-door tests, carbon monoxide checks and furnace inspections on homes, amongst other things.


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