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Organizational Mission
KFTC is a 29-year-old grassroots organization that believes in the power of people working together to challenge injustices, right wrongs, and improve the quality of life for all Kentuckians. We have 11 chapters and more than 6,000 members statewide. We are working to build New Power in Kentucky through campaigns to restore voting rights, end mountaintop removal mining, promote sustainable energy policies, pass comprehensive and fair revenue reforms, and replace a proposed power plant with clean, affordable energy solutions.


Year Founded - 1981

Significant Accomplishments

Over nearly 30 years, KFTC has been a driving force behind many positive changes. One of our proudest accomplishments is passing a constitutional amendment to block coal companies from using “broad form deeds” to strip-mine land without the landowners’ permission. We also worked to establish a fair tax on unmined coal property, a change that brings in more than $10 million annually to local school districts. In recent years we’ve worked with policy-makers and allies to establish basic regulations on oil and gas drilling and commercial logging, create an affordable housing trust fund, raise the minimum wage, make post-secondary education accessible for low-income parents, and improve mine safety provisions. In 2005 we pushed successfully for a law that exempted Kentuckians earning below the federal poverty line from the state income tax, a change that benefited nearly 300,000 individuals. Local success victories including a referendum supporting the public transit system in Lexington, better enforcement of surface mining and water quality laws, and passage of numerous local ordinances related to renewable energy production, police accountability, affordable and fair housing, living wages, and more.


KFTC members are excited to be part of this alliance because we understand that Kentucky must begin to transition towards a clean energy future. For years we’ve worked to address the problems that stem from Kentucky’s dependence on coal, including harm to our air, water, land and people. Being a part of KySEA is a way to work on the solutions to Kentucky’s environmental, economic, and energy challenges. Together we can build new power in Kentucky!

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Clean energy stories
Organizing for Clean Energy in Kentucky's Coal Fields Organizing for Clean Energy in Kentucky's Coal Fields

In the history of coal in America, Harlan County, Kentucky is legendary for its coal heritage, especially for the efforts of its people to organize for better living and working conditions. Labor unrest in the 1930s led to the county being referred to as “Bloody Harlan.” That same passion for progress and tradition of organizing continues today as Harlan County residents work to diversify their energy economy.


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