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Mountain Association for Community Economic Development Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

"MACED understands that systemic change in eastern Kentucky requires the government to be an effective partner in the development of the region. State government has the power to create the conditions needed for positive economic development to happen, turn demonstrations and local strategies into scaled programs, and remove barriers to social, economic and environmental progress. MACED seeks to advance a state policy agenda that supports green job creation, poverty alleviation and improved environmental and health conditions through investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy."


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Kentucky Conservation Committee

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Kentucky Conservation Committee
Visit Kentucky Conservation Committee online at www.kyconservation.org

Organizational Mission

The mission of the Kentucky Conservation Committee is to work for sustainable use of renewable resources, prudent use of non-renewable resources, conservation and preservation of critical and unique areas, and a healthful environment of all Kentuckians.

The Kentucky Conservation Committee (KCC) performs a pivotal role in environmental advocacy. We scrutinize legislation and inform voters, in a timely fashion, of the choices their elected officials are making. We achieve our goals through increased public awareness and legislative outreach. KCC employs an experienced legislative agent who expresses our concerns to legislators on a personal and professional level. KCC is the voice of the environment in state government.

Year Founded - 1975

Significant Accomplishments

KCC has been involved recently in furthering High Performance Building  Standards, the Land Stewardship and Conservation Task Force; hosting  meetings to bring citizens and legislators together, student outreach at college and university campuses with KCC’s student liaison initiative, educational outreach and publication of the Blackacre Executive Summary. We have been working for the past several years on supporting the expansion of solar and clean energy options for all Kentuckians and improving efficiency standards. Our website: www.kyconservation.org



"The Kentucky Conservation Committee supports sustainable goals, energy diversification and pollution reduction. We have confidence that the Commonwealth can benefit economically from the production and use of renewable energy and that our citizens can enjoy a higher quality of life, security and recreation, by seeking cleaner energy sources and greater energy efficiency."

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Clean energy stories
Organizing for Clean Energy in Kentucky's Coal Fields Organizing for Clean Energy in Kentucky's Coal Fields

In the history of coal in America, Harlan County, Kentucky is legendary for its coal heritage, especially for the efforts of its people to organize for better living and working conditions. Labor unrest in the 1930s led to the county being referred to as “Bloody Harlan.” That same passion for progress and tradition of organizing continues today as Harlan County residents work to diversify their energy economy.


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