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The Kentucky Environmental Foundation (KEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to securing solutions to environmental problems in a manner, which safeguards human health, promotes environmental justice, preserves ecological systems and encourages sustainability.

We accomplish our objectives by engaging in research and public education; improving public access to information; encouraging community participation in environmental decision-making processes; and building consensus among affected peoples, government and non-governmental organizations, corporate and cooperative businesses.


Year Founded & Significant Accomplishments
he Kentucky Environmental Foundation (KEF) was founded in 1990 by Madison County, Kentucky residents focused on safe disposal of chemical weapons stockpiled at the Blue Grass Army Depot. Our vision was to ensure that the chemical weapons stored here were destroyed as safely and efficiently as possible, not with incineration as the Army proposed, but with a method that could prevent chemical agents and other toxins from being released into the environment.

In 1991 KEF convened a conference of citizens living near other chemical weapons sites, who were also concerned about the Army's plan to burn chemical weapons. That group became the Chemical Weapons Working Group (CWWG) coalition, which developed into an effective grassroots force for change in the Army's chemical weapons program. The CWWG, with KEF as its lead organization, succeeded in defeating incineration at four of eight chemical weapons sites, where safe, non-incineration disposal technologies were chosen instead.

The decision to move forward with safer weapons disposal in Kentucky came in 2002; our chemical weapons will be destroyed in a "closed loop" neutralization and supercritical water oxidation process. In 2006 Craig Williams, then KEF Director, was awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize for his and the CWWG's dedication to safe weapons disposal.

Now, in addition to continuing to ensure safe weapons destruction at the Blue Grass Army Depot here in Madison County, KEF is working for safe, clean energy . . .  and more.

Just as exposure to emissions from burning chemical weapons was unacceptable, exposure to other dangerous chemicals-from coal-fired power plants, unsafe waste disposal processes and toxic industry and products-is also unacceptable.

KEF is here to find and implement solutions that protect our health and the environment.             

"The Kentucky Environmental Foundation has for twenty years been focused on finding clear grassroots and policy solutions to some of our community's worst environmental problems, to hold government accountable for protection of our health now and in the future. KySEA means when it comes to energy issues in Kentucky, we don't have to work alone.  The Alliance offers an opportunity for many groups with a wide range of experiences and expertise to unite for clean energy policy solutions, creating a drumbeat for change that will benefit our health, the environment and our state economy."

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Clean energy stories
Russell ATC Center Wind Turbine Russell ATC Center Wind Turbine

In May 2008, a host of Russell Area Technology Center students and electrical technology instructor Doug Keaton gathered around a 60-foot tall, 1-kilowatt wind turbine to celebrate its opening operation. Using electricity generated by the turbine is just one part of Russell ATC's larger plan to reduce the school's energy costs by 25%.


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