Why did you join KySEA?
Mountain Association for Community Economic Development Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

"MACED understands that systemic change in eastern Kentucky requires the government to be an effective partner in the development of the region. State government has the power to create the conditions needed for positive economic development to happen, turn demonstrations and local strategies into scaled programs, and remove barriers to social, economic and environmental progress. MACED seeks to advance a state policy agenda that supports green job creation, poverty alleviation and improved environmental and health conditions through investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy."


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Job Creation

Lewis County SolarKentucky has the potential for immediate economic opportunities from investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy production. These investments include both engaging in public and private initiatives and passing policy measures to support the growing regional green energy market.  A study by the Center for American Progress found that Kentucky could see a net increase of about $2.0 billion in investment revenue and 26,000 jobs based on its share of a total of $150 billion in clean-energy investments occurring annually across the country.

Reports and Resources

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Clean energy stories
Randy's run Randy's run

Clay County, Kentucky resident Randy Wilson ran for the board of his electric cooperative on a platform of affordable energy, better energy choices, and good local jobs in 2009. Randy was the first person to oppose a sitting Jackson Energy board member since the co-op was founded in 1938. Before running for office, Randy was an active member of the Kentuckians For the Commonwealth’s Canary Leadership Network carrying a message throughout the region about the need to transition away from coal and towards clean energy.


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