Resources on net-metering & "value of solar"

California Net-metering Rate-payer impacts evaluation
California Public Utilities Commission, 2013
ICF "True Value Of Solar" White Paper
ICF International is a management consulting firm. This is considered to be a conservative methodology for calculating the value of solar. 2014
Designing Distributed Generation Tariffs Well
This 2014 webinar by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) explores ways to establish fair compensation for distributed renewable energy.
A Regulators' Guidebook: Calculating the Benefits and Costs of Distributed Solar Generation
This 2013 report from the Interstate Renewable Energy Council discusses a standardized approach to evaluating the costs and benefits of distributed solar energy.
A review of solar PV benefit and cost studies
This 2013 meta-study from the Rocky Mountain Institute reviews 16 different approaches to evaluating the costs and benefits of energy from distributed solar.
A Benefit-Cost Analysis for Distributed Energy Resources
This 2014 report from Synapse Energy Economics, Inc provides a suggested framework for calculating a benefit-cost analysis of distributed energy resources.
Recommendations for expanding solar net-metering in KY
This 2014 white paper from the KY Solar Energy Society reviews a number of current studies about the value of distributed solar energy and calls for policy changes to expand Kentucky's net-metering program.
NAACP Resolution in Support of Distributed Solar Energy
This 2015 resolution affirms the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) support for clean energy deployment, specifically wind and solar, and especially distributed solar. The resolution calls for policies to ensure that: rate structures are fair and do not unduly burden low-income people, clean energy job opportunities are created in low-income and African-American communities, and all people have access to the benefits of clean energy solutions.
Effect of State Policy Suites on the Development of Solar Markets
This report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) looks at various Value of Solar (VoS) designs and their implications in various solar markets.
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Organizing for Clean Energy in Kentucky's Coal Fields Organizing for Clean Energy in Kentucky's Coal Fields

In the history of coal in America, Harlan County, Kentucky is legendary for its coal heritage, especially for the efforts of its people to organize for better living and working conditions. Labor unrest in the 1930s led to the county being referred to as “Bloody Harlan.” That same passion for progress and tradition of organizing continues today as Harlan County residents work to diversify their energy economy.


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